Friday, 23 August 2013

Lo-o-o-ong time

since I found the mojo to write anything here.
My life became chaotic - we've moved from the house in Devon fully into the Bedfordshire home, and have set about converting from 2 flats back to the original house. Someday it will be lovely, I'm sure but for now we're living in a building site !
The hall, looking towards the front door. This was split to make two entrances insde the front door you can see here.
The kitchen is almost finished, the bathroom is almost finished, our bedroom is just waiting on new windows (as is the rest of the house) and the sitting room is at present untouched apart from a small amount of plumbing work in one corner. The dining room and spare bedroom are stuffed with things from Devon, the workroom/office is stuffed with things looking for a new home and all is covered with a thick, rich layer of dust !
The upstairs hall into the small bedroom which was formerly a kitchen.
Just so I have something else to think about I've bought myself a new sewing machine (yes, another - that's only six now !) - a Janome fancy affair that I can't wait to work on - I think I'm in love ! I can't, however, abandon the old black beauties, each one has a special place in my affections and I love them all. I think a long term holiday for two may be in order, one to each of my girls ! That'll make some space.
Our bedroom (now all done apart from the windows)

The littlest bedroom, since replastered and painted, just lacking carpet etc.

More pictures and info to follow when I have time to find them, even the contents of my computer seem to have got into a mess !

Monday, 3 June 2013

Madness - or greed ?

Bit of both I think !
I already possessed FOUR sewing machines. That I excused by living in two homes at the same time. One old straight stitch singer and one zig-zag in each house. Little red is really a child's machine but it's so portable - here.
For patchwork and really accurate straight stitch I prefer an old black Singer. Hence two - they're far too heavy to carry about all the time.
We have now sold the house in Devon in preparation for renovating the house in Bedfordshire. Much work will be involved and there will be times when I have nothing to do but there'll be no power. What's a woman to do ? People power of course  ! I searched ebay and found an old (1898) hand cranked machine and won the bidding ! For a very modest investment I am now the proud owner of a fifth machine and she's gorgeous ! A little oil etc and she runs really smoothly and her decoration is lovely - have a look-

The case with my old 201 behind.

Two lovely ladies side by side - there's a really noticeable difference in throat size - the 201 is much bigger !

The decals are in very good condition for a machine that's 115 yrs old !

It's been a while since I used a bobbin in a case like that ! Although I did learn to sew on one similar as a child.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

No pictures today,

just a few lines to keep things a bit up to date.

We're in the process of preparing to move all our stuff back to Bedfordshire in about 3 weeks, the house here in Devon has found buyers and, cross fingers and toes, all seems to be going smoothly. Plans and arrangements have to be made !
Luckily the weather is great at present, dry, cool and sunny so all those trips to the tip etc aren't too unpleasant. It's amazing how much junk can accumulate in 10 years !
Two weeks ago poor Joey was castrated, we had thought long and hard about the operation but slightly reluctantly went ahead on our vet's advice. He's recovered splendidly and his lovely personality is still just the same, he does seem just a little less wayward when out for walks, which really is a good thing ! On Easter Saturday I fell over, (I do sometimes), rather hard and cracked a rib or so. As you can imagine walking 30 kilos of very energetic dog on the other end of the lead was difficult ! All better now tho' and we're both enjoying our exercise again !

Monday, 22 April 2013

A third birthday

and Nana got the job of making a cake. A rocket, no less, with flames out the bottom was required !!!
I think I managed sort of OK but these ageing fingers complained and, if compared with some of my cakes from years ago, not to a very high standard. I find this sort of work much harder on the stiff joints in my hands than sewing.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Spare me a thought

this evening - we're on the move again, back home for Easter. The reason I need some sympathy is that the house is going to be FREEZING because, in the hurry to leave I mis-programmed the central heating, didn't have time to sort it, so turned the whole she-bang off. It's not too cold in March after all, is it ? Yes, well, then we had snow, and fog and COLD so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the pipes haven't frozen !!!!
Lots of wet and fog here in Devon this month but further north it's been winter again.

This is taken mid afternoon - - - - - - - - - - - - - - !

Meantime little sewing has been done, and not much knitting, we've been too busy clearing out the garage and such and minding Grandma (she's now 97 and completely off her legs) to have any energy left for fun !
I'm so looking forward to some real order in my life again !!!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bad blogger, busy woman !

It's been ages since I last wrote here, life kinda got in the way ! What with running between Devon and Bedfordshire (200 miles) etc, etc, the time slipped away !
I have finished off one smallish lap quilt though. I started this Jan 2012 as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge run each year by to say I shall not be joining this year, I have too much other stuff to do !
 This is the one quilt I have finished this year, the hexies are scraps, one made each month, not always in the right colour because sometimes I didn't have ANY scraps in the required colour.
 It's backed with a fleece from Ikea, all in the spirit of scraps and economy. I prefer to back lap quilts with fleece, I find they are much more user friendly because they drape so nicely and are very comforting !

Here is myour next project.
 This is going to take some time to finish (with a lot of hired help). Above and below are two of the bedrooms, I know one looks like a kitchen but it's going to be a bedroom as it's meant to be.
This is some of the 1st floor (2nd to my transatlantic friends) of the house we live in in Bedfordshire. It has had a tenant living there - she's been living in the house since the end of WW2 and now, aged 90 has finally had to move into a care home. I'm so glad she'll be properly looked after - the upstairs has no heat and as old people can be, she was very difficult about anybody 'interfering' - I suspect I'm going the same way fast !
Any way, we're now selling up in Devon and are going to convert the bigger house back into one, the perfect project for two 70-somethings don't you think ?
I'll try and keep you posted on progress - so far all I've done is start wrecking the middle bedroom - and things are going to get an awful lot worse before they get better !

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mini tote for my smaller knitting projects.

For a long time I've been collecting selvedges, wanting to try making them into something and at last I've collected enough to have a go. (I don't get that many usable selvedges because a lot of my projects are small - I have a very meagre stash).
So ------ here's the result, and I love it !

One side, in bright, low sun this afternoon.

The other side, really blown out by the light,

and my favourite bit with the bird. These colours are fairly true.

Here it is on the sofa waiting for me to watch Africa on TV later.