Friday, 3 September 2010

It's been a busy couple of weeks - school holidays for Conor, keeping tabs on Toby, jollifications with all the family . . . . !
It all kicked off with Steve's birthday party on the 14th of August - a fun evening - Sandy and Shirley were there along with everyone else, including Roy and Daphne, Mark and Anja without their twins, and loads of other lovely people. Sadly I have no pictures.
On Saturday the 28th Agust we all went to Whipsnade Zoo - it was very windy on the edge of the hill by the penguins but a lovely day was had by all,

   then on Tuesday Mike and I took Conor to Duxford for the day -

- very tiring but a good experience for all three.Wednesday we were quiet - tired after so long on our feet the day before.
On Thursday Conor started at Linslade Middle - so far he likes it there.

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