Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday again

I'll begin on Friday - at 8am in Pinewood Close.
Howard left for Germany after a fond farewell to his mother. Everything was fine until after lunch, when bed began to appeal to Anna so the subsequent conversations  became rather trying ! It was quite a relief to greet the evening carer and say 'goodnight' to her !Off she went to bed and then to sleep. She was not very peaceful, but didn't get out of bed much.

Saturday - we had non-stop conversation, largely consisting of 'where's Howard?' followed by 'what time do I go to bed ?' We were all pleased when bed-time came. Anna dropped off nicely and slept for about 4 hours, then she really kicked into gear - up & down for the rest of the night, then refused to get up when, 10 minutes after the last time out of bed, the carer arrived to get her up ! Anna got up.
Sunday - identical conversation to Saturday, but we were very fortunate and Simon came in late afternoon with Anne-Marie amd Emily - needless to say Anna put her party manners on and chatted happily with Simon. The carers were a bit late to put her to bed, exhausted by now, off she went to bed and spent a long time praying, then the fun really started. She was up & down all night, with much 'floating' activity on the cctv but finally crashed out at around 4.15 am. Today Anna sleeps in her armchair - I do wonder what the night will bring !

                                                        Not a happy bunny today !

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