Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bog eyed and bleary on a Thursday morning.

Well, where was I ? - - - I'll carry on regardless.
Monday night was pretty good - Anna slept through, but hardly any sleep since for the three of us.
Total unreason rules. Eating during the day is out of the question for her - she doesn't want, or need, it ! 11.30pm however and it's another story, starvation and thirst are urgent, questions, questions, questions are the rule at night, interspersed with  loud cries and screams. Demands to be taken home are frequent.
Put Anna to bed and the most urgent thing in the world is for her to get up. Settle her in the armchair and all she wants to do is go to bed - in her own home. This, of course, is not her home in spite of her residence here for 30 years.
There, at least I feel a bit better. I think I might investigate the weird grunts coming from the chair now.
I may have more to say later.

Later - much later, hysteria all the way to bed, then, at last, she crashed out.
More another time (This was posted Saturday am)

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