Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Long time - no blog !

Well - - -  life was very busy over the last few weeks, among other things we went to Brugge for the weekend with Sam,Steve and Conor. Many thanks to them for a lovely trip.
The train was an interesting experience, much easier than flying such short journeys and comparable in duration - I'd do it again any time ! I did enjoy looking out at Northern France and Belgium in their autumn colours - to me those flat plains make a beautiful landscape - I should love to spend some time there someday with my camera.
When we got back to LB life became very busy again, Conor for the day on Monday, Trish visited for the day on Tuesday and down to Dawlish on Wednesday, meantime Gran fell and broke her hip at 3am on Tuesday and so she spent 6 days in the RD&E. She returned to Dawlish hospital yesterday afternoon,still screaming merrily !
Lots more walking now for us - we intend to use it as an opportunity to remove the extra gained in Brugge !

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