Sunday, 28 November 2010

Moving day again

We're away today back to LB and it's cold.
We stayed with Gran in the hospital last evening till 9.30 when the nurses came to put her to bed. Mike and she had a long and meaningful conversation in total gibberish, which she seemed to enjoy ! We wonder where she will be when we next see her, maybe in the care home, more likely at home with Howard,
we think.
Snow is expected anywhere at present, so far we have seen none but it's very cold - the wind is biting and too lazy to go around anyone ! Brrrrr.
Must get going now and pack up to hit the road.

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Jane said...

Thank you for your comment on my "bathroom blog". How in the world did you find it? In reading a bit back in your blog, it certainly sounds as though you have your hands full with older folks in your life. Now I'm one of the "older folk", How time did fly these last 76 years! My best to you..