Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow arrived !

'Twas but a thin layer, it fell during last night - leaving the roads perfectly usable but tricky in places on the pavements.I didn't venture walking out - I'm far too good at falling over to risk being laid up just as we're about go to Hong Kong ! We did a brief trip to shop by car. It's so cold out and so cosy indoors by the fire that the temptation to stay at home is almost overwhelming !
There is much to do what with Christmas  so soon after we get home - however Sam & Steve are doing Christmas Day so that will be lovely !
Toby has been in fine form this week, but Sarah says he's running a temperature today - perfect timing of course, just as he's about to make his first trip to visit his maternal grandparents ! How do these children do it ?

Busy strengthening the legs ! He certainly likes jumping !

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