Monday, 10 January 2011

Off we go again !

So much has happened since I last posted - the trip to Hong Kong - delays on the way home - Christmas and now, after a week or so respite we're off to Dawlish again for a month.
It will be interesting to see how Gran, and especially Howard, are coping with life now that things have quietened down with them after Gran's hospital stay. Doubtless I shall have some opinions (I'm very good at those!) in a few day's time !!!!
Once the jet lag lifted we had a great time in Hong Kong, some shopping - not a lot - lots of family outings and even a barbecue Hong Kong style ! That was certainly a new experience, especially as western faces were very thin on the ground ! It was a great experience though !
Toby spent a hectic two weeks partying with his Chinese family and all his mother's friends, all of whom made us feel welcome and very much at home too.
                                           Tai O - seen on one of our family outings.

                                          Barbecue Hong Kong style.

                                                     The star of the show !
Of course we were delayed on the way home - the flight left according to schedule but Heathrow was closed by the time we reached the sky over Moscow and we were diverted to Larnaca in Cyprus. It was a delightful 24 hour stopover - much recommended - good food, comfy room, lovely weather all at BA's expense ! The downside was that when we did get back to London at 1 am we had to dig the cars out of the snow before driving home !

                                                     Our room in Larnaca -
                                                                                such good fortune !

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