Friday, 21 January 2011

Spring ?

I think not, yet the wonderful bright cloudless days say that it just might be !
Certainly it's gone straight to my head, yesterday I incited Mike to help reorganise the sitting room (very successful !) and then today he's voluntering to sort out the kitchen a bit, so we off to Bristol early tomorrow to Ikea.A bit of a treck up the M5 but that is the nearest and they have what we want.
This morning we got up to a hard frost - the ice in the bird bath was quite thick, but the winter jasmine is in bloom -
so I picked a sprig and set it on the ice for a flower portrait.
Even the laundry partially dried outside, although the frost never melted in the shadowy parts of the fields.
     Aunt Val and Jack came up to visit Gran - (Anna - sometimes she's one, sometimes the other ) - Karen brought them up, we took them home, they had been planning to come all the way by bus - it takes at least 1.5 hrs. and is quite arduous, it means changing buses halfway here. Jack will be 85 tomorrow. It does sound a little odd when you are over 70 yourself and still have aunts - Mike is so lucky, he still has several ! All mine are long gone.

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