Saturday, 26 February 2011

At last

Something to show - it's been a very busy week, half term and all that implies for a grandmother !
         I have been sewing here and there, and have finished a small amount. Trouble is, I'm bubbling with ideas for projects and so little time to carry them out - when I have the time the inspiration will have dried up for sure !

          Anyway, I have achieved a couple more placemats, this month with a blue and yellow palette. Not so easy as yellow is very rare in my scrap bag and I'm determined to carry these projects out with scraps

Here is the first of the blue and yellow-

and this is my second 'go'.I really liked the shapes of the petals in the source photo so I tried to quilt the lovely

I'm really looking forward to finding out what the next colourway will be ! Meantime I have a few other projects under way. I've finished the top for the little mauve quilt - I'm not totally enamoured of the result, mainly because that's not a colour I care overmuch for, but I had some 'bits' and at least I've now used them up !
I'll try and get a picture in, my main problem there is lack of space to spread such things out - perhaps when I am in Devon again.
         It's only two weeks till we move again - and we'll be having some of our time at Gran's as Howard needs to get away for a few days.

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