Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's been a while !

That's because we moved from Dawlish to Leighton Buzzard last Thursday and we've been so-o-o  busy catching up with the kids etc !
Anyhow, now I have a time to bring things up to date.
On my wanderings around the net I discovered the Three Studios Color Challenge and have decided to have a 'go' at that - using only scraps if possible. So far (with only 1 item done) it is proving fun and educating me at the same time. I'm all in favour of education for old 'uns !

These are the scraps I found to fit the colours chosen
 and here is what I made from them I used up as much of the leftovers as I could to make the pot holder - I do need to use one for a few badly designed but loved saucepans !
The larger piece is the right size for a placemat so maybe I'll make more to use when other challenges are published.
When I've finished binding the 'art' quilt wall hanging that I started before Christmas I'll put a photo up - the process has been far too chaotic to publish !
Now back to my sewing machine - any thought of housework has gone straight out the window !

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