Friday, 4 March 2011

Another one.

I finished off the small lap quilt for Sarah - I think she's going to use it for Toby when he naps on the floor ! He often kicks off his little blanket - he's growing so big now at 10 months.

This one measures about 43" /110cm square, so it could probably be used as a coverlet in the cot too.
I found the kaleidoscope pattern quite fiddly when lining up the centres of the blue bits - it was maybe a little ambitious when I'm so rusty and the fingers are getting rather stiff ! It'll do them good !

Afterwards I ran wild and started sewing together all sorts of little pieces from the box where I throw the 'crumbs' - I had a great time and produced something very lively. It's quite small but may grow larger !

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scraphappy said...

Such a fun kaleidoscope quilt! It is such a nice pattern, even though it is tricky to get the centers all matched up. The crumbs are so much fun. Those bits of aqua really sparkle among all the orange.