Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Atmosphere everywhere today.

We walked from Powderham up to Turf Lodge this afternoon, along the river bank ( the river Exe ). Turf lodge is a very old public house that has only comparatively recently become accessible by road (rathermore a lane I should say). For most of it's history it could only be reached along the towpath of the Exeter canal or by boat. It is still a very remote place surrounded by water, the canal on one side and the river on the other.
There was a very mournful look to the marshes as we walked -

Even the trains looked lonely

and the wreck by the pub looked very Dickensian !

I really enjoyed the emptiness and the birds - I saw two or three egrets, lots of gulls of course, some funny looking ducks and a strange goose as well as getting plenty of fresh air and exercise.I wish now that I'd made a photo of the pub - I don't really know why I didn't !
A good day.

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