Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Projects completed

I've finished off fiddling with little orange quilt - I added some more and then quilted and bound it. The end result is very jolly !

I've also made another - the jury's still out on this - I like my idea but have reservations about the outcome.It's a quilt to be used as a wall-hanging - I was working from the photo of a city centre water feature as the sun set.
I asked for Mike's opinion on the problem and he suggested a little something to link the two tower blocks - I think he's right and will have a go at that in the morninng when the eyes are functioning well.

The photo is one I took a while back - I have always liked the way the light reflects in the water and wanted to try to capture that in fabric.

Nothing like jumping in at the deep end when you're just learning !

I began by using fabric paint to dye some white cotton to the kinds of colours I wanted and then sliced them up, fused them to the blue background and stitched them in place. The water spout was machine embroidery, I was trying to give some indication of the water movement and I put the beads on for highlights.


Just One More Thing said...

Your orange quilt is very pretty --how big is it? I am just a beginner myself but I'm impressed at your bravery:)

mainer said...

Very nice. I am inspired!

suzan almond said...

Thank you for your kind comments, the orange quilt is only small - 34cm x 24cm (13.5" x 9.5"), the long one is 25cm x 76cm (10" x 30")

scraphappy said...

What a happy orange quilt. I love the way the fabrics all work together.