Thursday, 17 March 2011

St Patrick's day

And everything's green ! The trees here in Devon are fast turning green, and I've assembled some (very) green scraps and started putting them together. So far it's quite an alarming design !!!!!

As it's destined to be one side of a dining chair pad I don't mind the shock of the contrasts. I intend to continue with some dark and medium green triangles for a border, followed by a mid green band to achieve the necessary size. I must say I do like that placement of the string strips - sort of running wheel-ish and quite lively.
Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get some more done to it.
I'm also experimenting with fabric paint. I don't want large quantities of plain fabric - that I can buy, probably more economically - but I do want some interesting colours - not necessarily evenly toned. When dry enough I'll put up some pictures of what I have been doing and explain how I intend to use them.

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