Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Time for an update

on the little scrappy green quilt. It's finally done for now. When I've finished the rest of the tops (at the end of the year) I'll make them into cushion covers for the dining room chairs. meantime this little beast has been put away with the blue and the red. It was a sore trial to me, I don't know why. The technique wasn't paticularly difficult, it was small but not too fiddly - I simply couldn't get to love this one !

I've called it Four Green Fields (if anyone knows the Irish rebel song) which seems appropriate around St Patrick's day. I kept the quilting to a minimum - I tried several different designs and kept unpicking them.
When it's made up the outermost border will be half the width seen here which gives a much better balance to the whole thing.
On now to something very different. No photo yet, and not much work on it for another couple of days but I'm trying out another technique (this is all new to me - I'm having fun learning !!!!!) called QAYG and for small art quilts seems like a great idea. We'll see how things develop.
I dicovered the process here -
The Quilting Edge: QAYG Mosaic/Sewing in Victoria:There is much to inspire on this blog.

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