Friday, 29 April 2011

April's almost over -

and I'm running late with the colour palette challenge.
So far -
a few scraps so small they Must be called scritics -

and made into a small piece spray basted ready
for quilting.

 I have also been having a 'go' at collage and have fused some scraps onto calico. I intend to machine them in place, raw edge, and then experiment with all sorts of machine embroidery.
This design was developed from a photo and distorted in PSE 8 until the place (a beach in Cornwall) is no longer recognisable !



Marty's Fiber Musings said...

I'm enjoying the direction these are going!

MariQuilts said...

Looking good. I just stopped over to thank you for you comment today and thought I would mention that you came up as a no reply.Have a great day.