Thursday, 7 April 2011

Branching out

Branching out indeed for me, my first journal quilt ( still don't really know why it's called a journal quilt - is it because one makes them at regular intervals ?) but it's turned into a small art quilt which is something I love to make.
 I branched out by murdering one of my photos in PS Elements, printed the result onto some fabric manufactured for that purpose and then used it to make a little quilt - all set to be hung on a wall somewhere.
Here it is -
It's 10" x 12", 25cm x 30cm.
The original photo was of green lipped mussel shells ( I liked the colours) and some of the impression of iridescence is conveyed on the inner shell. I added an extra layer of wadding under the lighter inner layer too to give more emphasis and make it a little 3D.
Detail of the simple embelishment -
I really liked the results to got with this printed fabric - sadly it's rather expensive so not to be indulged too often ! I couldn't resist one more 'go' however - this one is far more colourful and will have quite a lot of hand stitching on it.

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