Saturday, 14 May 2011

All gone -

- I have no more pink. I guess I'd better acquire some sometime - maybe -perhaps not till later. There are other favourite colours to concentrate on for now.

Now to today's scrap quilt - and it certainly was made from  scraps !!! I think it works, although in which room I cannot imagine, as pink is definitely not on my normal agenda ! Even so I do rather like this one - and I had such a great time putting it together that I have to like it ! I call it - 'Stitch every ditch' - because that's what I've  done ! This will probably end up as one side of a cushion cover, like all the others in this challenge.
Last week I bought a walking foot and although it was an extravagance I am finding a world of difference when quilting - already I love it to bits ! Much easier to put the stitches exactly (most of the time) where you intended !

How about a second flowering in the crab apple tree ?

or a very ornamental weed that I really can't pull up ?

I know, my gardening habits are peculiar - the flowers in the crab apple are actually an early clematis and the weed is oats fallen from the bird feeder ! I like the way they move in the wind.
 I think the green, blue and yellow sit happily together.


blauraute said...

Your pink block is wonderful. You use a beautiul combination of fabrics. - The pictures of your garden are great. I love working in my garden.
Have a nice and cozy weekend

scraphappy said...

What a beautiful little quilt. How fun to have run out of a color completely! I love my walking foot, almost as much as my quarter inch foot. The smallest things make such a difference.

Miss 376 said...

That will be a stunning cushion cover, well done. I wish I could say my pink scraps had all gone, the more I use, the more I seem to have

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

I love how bright ad colourful this is and I love that you ran out of all your pink! I see you have the mystery quitalong button on your blog - have you started that yet? I think we have a new block to make tomorrow.

mainer said...

Noe that is a pretty little quilt! I am not a pink person either but now I see it everywhere!

Ellen said...

Your little quilt turned out so lovely. It will make such a pretty cushion.