Friday, 13 May 2011

At last

I can see everyone again ! I really missed catching up with the world while blogger was down ! It just shows how quickly one adapts to new environments, as I've only been blogging a short while !
When we arrived at the house here in Devon indoors was just as we'd left it but outside, of course, was a very different story !
The cold winter has provoked all the plants into even more energetic growth than usual and it was nearly a machete job outside the back   door !
The long grass was much appreciated by Mr Blackbird who was teaching one of his young to catch insects -
Since that photo we've cut the lawn and done quite a bit of hacking back - still some more to do though when the aches improve a bit !
Of course, it will be great to get re-acquainted with my sewing machine - I've done no sewing since Monday and am suffering severe withdrawal symptons ! I think I'll be able to sew tomorrow - I really want to work on the quilting of a wall hanging for the sitting room here - it's based on a painting I made many years ago and so far I like what I've done - everything now hinges on my free-motion novice quilting. Scary !

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