Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fun all the way today !

We took ourselves a day off and went up to Minehead today, stopping for lunch just outside Bampton. I was far too lazy to take many photos - we just chilled after a very hectic time, with more to come ! I did get a nice photo of one of the old steam trains in Minehead station - eating a delicious real cream ice at the same time ! Obviously keepning my teeth amused is good for my 'eye' !!!!!

On the way home I spotted a patchwork shop - right out in the country in a sort of barn place - a bit like the ones I've seen pics of in Australia and NZ ! I persuaded DH to stop and took a quick look inside - heaven - so many goodies I didn't know where to start ! I shall be back.
There has been a little work done in the sewing department - and a lot of thinking !
I am not altogether happy with my result for block 2 in the mystery QAL. I may ahve to have another 'go'. I think I may change the arrangement of the colours in this one ( keeping the background and Sheila's dark which is my light as they are) but change one of the others - we'll see. A slight adjustment in the seam turnings wouldn't go amiss either - the result is very skimpy to the required measurements.

I have also been auditioning some colours for this month's 3CS color palette challenge -
and thinking about what design I can use - probably something based on a photo of my pastel box. Time and the fabrics will sort that out !
In the midst of this I'm cogitating long and hard about the Brit Quilt swap - now that really takes some thinking about - and some stalking ! Whan I have ruminated further I'll maybe say where I'm likely to take it !

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