Monday, 2 May 2011

Great weather

for once in UK ! Cool, sunny, windy and DRY ! I'm loving this spring ! Many poor gardens are not so sure, although everything seems to be OK in ours. I am careful to plant stuff that isn't too thirsty because we abandon each garden for at least a month at a time and so many plants are put into large pots with plenty of water retaining granules.. Both gardens cope and the one here in Bedfordshire is very happy with my neglect.

Quilt-wise, not a lot has been acieved, time seems to escape me but I have at least finished off the little quilt for last month's colour challenge (by the end of April too !).

I used it as an excuse for more free motion practice - must work harder on that although it does get a little easier all the time.
Now I'm off on another scrappy colour challenge - - - - a real challenge for me - - - - to find scraps of pink ! Not a colour I would normally include in my repertoire, but a good exercise nonetheless !

 I must say that I rather like this colour combination !

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