Monday, 9 May 2011

Lovely weather again today

but I'm far too heavily into sewing at the moment to be gardening ! I did see the first colour showing on a couple of rosebuds tho' - summer really is just around the corner now !

I have been busy with the first block for the Mystery QA, run bySheila -
It will be exciting to see what other block designs she has for us !
Tomorrow I have to concentrate on house and family, we're minding the littlest one for the afternoon ( he's 12 months) and then collecting his 10yr old cousin from school to keep until a parent comes for him. Then on Wednesday we're away to Devon for a spell to help mind Grandma who's 95 and in a world of her own now.
All part of life's rich patchwork !

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Ellen said...

You are set as a no-repy blogger so I am responding to your comment here. Thanks for visiting. I agree about it being much less extravagant to use up scraps that many quilters would just throw away. I think beautiful quilts can come from scraps and they will be loved just as much. Your blue block is just lovely!