Friday, 27 May 2011

My trusty old Singer

This old sewing machine was bought about 8yrs ago as a backup and was a bargain. It was originally a hand machine I think, converted to electricity and it runs like a dream. It's a lot more modern than the machine I learned to sew on - that was my mother's old treadle. It had a long bobbin which did not hold so much thread and was quite tricky to put in but once installed that old dear sang along at exactly the right speed, of course, never going too fast and so easy to stop in the very spot you wanted. Sadly I did not see the parting of the ways and so many of those old machines have been cannibalised for parts and their bases used for pub tables that they seem to be quite rare these days.
Here is a picture of my old dear against my lovely new one -

The one thing that is really missing on the old Singer is the reverse option ! Imagine a car with no reverse ! When you're used to it on a sewing machine, even if you only use it occasionally, you miss the facility when it's not there !

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