Sunday, 5 June 2011

It's been long time

since I last posted - it's been a very busy half term ! Sadly not so busy sewing, but it's been good just the same - lots of fun with the (almost)10yr old grandson.
We went to the zoo on Friday, in Paignton, and wore ourselves out - up hill and down dale, but worth it to see the animals. It's quite a good zoo - and that's praise from someone whose benchmark is Whipsnade !!!!!

Our grandson even had a marmot's eye view !

A visit to the beach for some rockpooling is always on the agenda - with predictable consequences - The wellies invariably fill !

Since DD took the young one home I have at last got my nose down to a little sewing today and have made 2 different blocks.
This one is from an idea I had for practising paper piecing - the most difficult part was drafting the pattern and the next most difficult was working out which way round to go !
 The block came out at 8" - a little too small for the purpose so------
                       I added a border and then made up the bag using another 10" block for the other side.

The reverse is taken from a sampler book - I rather like the effect although the creamy colour of the pale stripes is very washed out in the photo.
We both find the little bags invaluable for storing items such as chargers, spare batteries etc. Our wandering lifestyle means that it's no good having proper places indoors for those things, it's easier to carry,and store  them,when moving from house to house.Patchwork bags make identificationso much easier.
Perhaps now I can get to some serious sewing in the next few days before we change houses again !

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