Monday, 20 June 2011

Nearly there

with the Brit Quilt Swap item(s).
The Sunshine Tree is almost completed having marinated over the weekend and is really beginning to take on a personality !
The last few bits of hand sewing are waiting to be done and then the label, and it'll be ready for packing. After a lot of trial and error with the 3D items I think I have a placement, the ladybirds are there for an extra little surprise which won't be revealed until the quilt is delivered. It would give too much away !

The little buttons are actually the heads of my pins holding the fruit and leaves in place. The sleeve is attached at the back so all I have left to do is hem the border and stitch on the fruit.The orangey coloured fruits are a much richer colour than they appear here - this was taken quickly with my phone as I use it as an aid in composition. There's camera distortion and all sorts here, when it's completed I'll make a 'proper' photo for you !
I'll be very glad to have this done in good time, but not so early that I'm tempted to change my mind ! Has been known to happen !

Next item on my agenda is something yellow for the Scrappy Saturday  quilt-along. That's going to take some thinking !

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