Monday, 27 June 2011

A pleasant time

of great normality - all the humdrum things of life, but enjoyable because we're at home, near to the little ones. DH always misses the little boys so much when we are away from here, although time spent in Devon is time at home too really.

I've been doing some sewing and have finished off the item for Brit Quilt Swap. I'm quite pleased with the result, and I certainly enjoyed the process !

I've also finally finished off the wall hanging for the sitting room in the seaside house, based on a painting of some boats at sunset.

My fabric work tends to be much more punchy than my painting !

I don't think it matters, both disciplines are fun !

Now for some real quilting ! I'm hoping to soon have all the cutting done for a proper quilt that I can use on a bed ! That'll be a whole new adventure !

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Martha said...

You painted that. I am so jealous. Love your blog.