Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lovely day today

It's been sunny and warm, but not too warm so it was a pleasure to make some cakes ready for when the littlest one (Toby) arrived for tea this afternoon with his parents as escorts ! He's growing up so fast it's untrue, 14 months old and running around, he is trying so hard to talk and his manual dexterity is amazing for such a young child ! He can open my spectacle case, unscrew caps from bottles and carefully picks up the last crumbs of any food he's enjoying !

I made a swiss roll with jam and butter icing and also some little fairy cakes that had some butter icing put on them later to finish them.

Yesterday I made up the latest block for the Mystery Quilt-along - it turned out quite well I think, large but not too domineering.

Perhaps that old patchwork bedspread is not the best background, but it was the most convenient and I did make every stitch by hand ( about 30 years ago). It never got any wadding in it because I was living abroad where choice was limited, and made the whole thing almost entirely from leftovers from other sewing - I think I must have been very bored to start on such a big project - it fits a 5ft bed !
Now I'm looking for inspiration for some kitchen place mats that I want to make for a Christmas gift - I want to do them in applique and am slow in coming up with the right design - something not seasonal ! I'll sleep on it a few times I think.

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