Tuesday, 19 July 2011

(Not) Sunny Devon

Well, we're here, the garden could be worse, but the grapevine - and the wisteria  !!!!!!!!!! They've gone ballistic ! It's going to take some serious cutting to mantain any sort of discipline there !

 The weather is doing it's usual summer 'thing' in Devon - a bit dull, a bit rainy quite chilly and rather dank. Ce'st la vie ! The vegetation loves it !

Sewing is definitely on hold for now.

I had been making good progress with the QAYG quilt before we left but as we're only going to be here 2 weeks this time I left it behind and brought just a few bits from my meagre stash to leave here for future reference. Then if I do have opportunity I can start a new project (always fun) - another QAYG I think, but this time in seaside colours.

Tomorrow we have to get the car's windscreen replaced - a big crack suddenly appeared yesterday for no apparent reason - the car is only a few weeks old and has not done too many miles yet, no adventures at all.
Later we have friends coming for supper so I guess that's my day pretty well tied up. Maybe some time to sew on Thursday.

For newer visitors - we spend half our time here in Devon to be close to, and help out with, Mike's 95yr old mother and half in our 'real' home in Bedfordshire, where we have always been based since we married, and where our children and grandsons live. It's an interesting way of life but is beginning to get a little tiring now - we've not spent more than 5 weeks in one place for 9 years.


Sarah said...

Thats quite a tough thing dividing your time like that. Looks like you have a lovely place there though, and at least your alternative home is some where lovely like Devon! I used to spend summers there when I was a kid :-)

Ruth said...

It does indeed sound really tough being in two places at once as it were! I'm amazed you manage to squeeze in any sewing at all! hope your day goes smoothly and that you ahve time to relax too.