Saturday, 16 July 2011


I've made quite a lot of progress on my first big quilt. Till Thursday, that is. Thursday and Friday went AWOL because I finally succumbed and upgraded my phone. I'd been dithering for 6 months then found a really great bargain on a smart phone to replace my iphone (I fell out with Apple over their failure to correct the fault in the iphone4 - just wanted to charge for a cover to solve the problem !!!!!!). Now I have an even smarter phone and I'm really chuffed - it's quite a change in methods though !
I really like the 8mp camera and tried it out on the big QAYG project -

Only 2 more blocks to go - but they're going to have to wait a while, we're off soon to Devon again for a couple of weeks to check on the house and do a bit of Granny sitting while Bro-in-law goes away for some respite.
I'm making this quilt as a QAYG and I'm using the narrow joining method that I gleaned from a blog called The Quilting Edge. The tutorial for the joins is here - I find it works like a dream !


Betty Lou said...

Very nice use of blues. Have a good trip.

scraphappy said...

Your new phone takes great photos. Nice work on the quilt as you go. The joining strips look great.

Sarah said...

Your quilts looking great! Have a lovely time in Devon, love that part of the world :-)

Connie said...

Your quilt looks wonderful, The Quilting Edge has some great tutorials doesn't she.