Thursday, 4 August 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

all day long.
Yesterday kind of lost it's way. Conor came, then went to golf. Thunderstorm came at lunchtime then went. Mike went to get the car out to go shopping and fetch Conor and the rear passenger window shattered. Sam organised fetching Conor. We never went out.
Today Conor was to come here after the gas man replaced their radiator. His house was burgked just after he started and another gas man was sent out  - later - much later. DD was foaming to get to a meeting. Eventually 2nd gas man arrived and said 1.5 - 2 hrs work. DD said come back Monday !
A man arrived here 9.30ish to mend our car. It had to go to Aylesbury to be under cover while they worked. 2-3 hrs that was to take. It did. Eventually Conor arrived, Toby was visited and then some shopping was done. Conor was then fed supper and DD came home from said meeting and has finally just taken him away. It's now 20.10 and at least it's stopped raining !
For reference - Conor is 10yr old granson, Toby is 16mnth old grandson.

During all this I have managed to do some sewing - one friendship star and the plaits for the mystery quilt, and the beginnings of the next cushion cover for the rainbow challenge. I then joined up this section as per Sheila's suggestion -
 A close-up of a plaited section -

 It's all 'go' here - then I hear that my bro-in-law fell in a brook yesterday, wearing his best suit ! Totally submerged !  To my shame I couldn't help but giggle at the thought !

I wonder what tomorrow will bring ?????

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Ruth said...

Gosh - you have been busy. Hats off to you. I particularly like the plaited section! It looks fab!