Saturday, 13 August 2011

Update on White with rainbow -

 I have started to quilt this but will finish when I have checked in the drawer in Devon as to size, all my other cushion covers-to-be are down there and I have a nasty suspicion that this is a little on the small size. Desicions will be made next month.
On to the future !!!!!!!!!! and - -
 Planning ahead -
far too soon for this but I need the thinking/designing time, and that gorgeousness won't be available forever !
Two FQs and a comlpimentary goody bag themed to co-ordinate with my purchases ! All those smaller pieces are about 9"x10" and so useful !

 The red at the back has little puddings all over ! Perfect !
 These arrived this morning - aren't they lovely ? I have a friend who is a keen cook and who always makes Christmas puddings ( they're very good) to give away so I thought she might like oven mitts this year ! I also ordered some insulated wadding - and . . . . .

 some lovely toddler fabric to make another quilt for the littlest member of the family - the first one I made him has been nearly loved to death - it's so nice when someone appreciates one's efforts ! How I'll make this up I don't yet know - I must still find some light plain fabric to make the patchwork sparkle.


Sarah said...

love the quilting on your cushion :-)

Quilter Kathy said...

Love those Christmas fabrics...yum!

scraphappy said...

Lovely quilting on the star block. How nice that your quilt was loved to death. Can't think of a nicer compliment.