Sunday, 21 August 2011

Very little sewing

I've hardly done any sewing the last few days, somehow the impetus had subsided. It'll be back !
On Friday we took a day 'off'. A strange thing for retired people to do but it means that we ignore all family and take off in the car and just drive. Our favourite relaxation. We're very lucky here in Bedfordshire - so many beautiful and interesting places are within reach for folks who like driving.
This time we headed west - aiming for Malvern

and travelling through the Cotswolds - those villages are so very lovely in that honey-coloured stone.This is in Bibury on the way to Stroud - on another journey so it's an old picture but it does show the beautiful stone cottages.
 Sorry, no new pictures, DH had his hands on the steering wheel for the first time in ages and stopping was out of the question until hunger forced the issue !
 We reached Malvern - it's a lovely place but such a steep hill that my back declined a walk-about unfortunately.

We drove on down to Ledburywhere we did stop for a while - had a drink in a delightful hostelry -

- and a pleasant walk about the town then home via Evesham with me nearly apoplectic at having to pass by roadside offers of Victoria plums at £1.50 for 6lb (almost 3kg !). I have to admit that it was just a small sign right on the barrow, on the other side of the road, and the evening traffic was appalling !
We both had a lovely day and felt tired but refreshed when we got home !

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Sarah said...

That does look like a lovely day out - beautiful cottages in wee places like that eh.