Wednesday, 14 September 2011

At last

- another finish !
This time it's the cot size quilt for Toby, ready against the cold weather to come.
38"x58" should do nicely - he can also use it for 'floor naps' too if he wants to.

I'm really pleased with the way the work turned out in this one - even if I'm a little doubtful about the strong colour contrasts. Almost all my corners are nice and sharp and seams match up well. Quite an achievement for me ! The binding went on like dream, 2.5" strip used double and was then machined down on the right side - strong and neat. 
 I chose more sheep fabric for the backing ( necessary, isn't it, for counting at sleepy-time !!!!)

 All washed and ready for use.

Next ? Maybe some towards another for big Conor who is now 10yrs old - a full twin I guess for that one. I have started gathering bits towards it but my stash is very small (I'm new to quilting) so maybe a shopping trip or two is on the agenda.
I also have some domestic sewing to do. It will be Grandma's 96 th birthday on Saturday and we've got her some new nighites which will need adapting for her comfort so I have to make that my next priority.
Monday was a complete wipeout - we spent all morning in A&E - Mike walked under a metal bar at the entrance to the car park (he's 6'4") and gashed his head - blood positively poured out - head wounds do bleed a lot and he's on warfarin so it just would not stop for ages. He had to have 4 staples in to hold the flesh together and that started the bleeding all over again ! The pics are too gruesome to put here !
After all that he didn't even have a headache and was still able to eat a hearty lunch when we eventually got home !
Ce'st la vie !

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