Thursday, 8 September 2011

We moved again -

but we're still 'at home' as it were !

Yesterday we left Leighton Buzzard -

The renovations of the old Swan Hotel are great - it really perks the High Street up a lot !

After a tiring day yesterday, today we had to visit Gran who's not at all well - she has some infection - and then after lunch we indulged in the gentle art of 'shopping' . That meant a trip across to Topsham -

I finally got a view (wonky of course) to test the camera on the new phone and one of the new apps to process the result. Just my idea of a fun project ! I like the result - it seems to emphasize the timelessness of the place.
I hope tomorrow I can do some sewing - it was lovely to be reunited with the QAYG I am working on down here. I've also got to do a bit more on Toby's garish new quilt - it's gone together beautifully but the green turned out too vivid ! That's my inexperience showing !
Since I took this photo I've quilted it - stippling, so now it's just the binding and a wash to do.

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