Saturday, 1 October 2011

Autumn begins.

Here the weather has been wonderful, little has been done indoors in our house, I've been admiring the season at work in the garden -

I do love to see webs coated with dew ! ( in spite of a real dislike for their creators !)
It's been great to walk along the seafront at Teignmouth in the evenings this week, 

meeting friends -

and fossicking about under the pier.

Yesterday we took half a day out and drove up onto
Dartoor I have some pictures from there too, I'll put those up tomorrow.
There's always somebody watching you in even the emptiest places !  The cattle,sheep and ponies roam freely about the moor, the ponies stay on the moor all year round, however bad the weather. I think at least some of the cattle and sheep are brought down to more sheltered places in the really cold weather.  The snow can be very deep and it is very difficult to reach some animals if they need supplementary food.                       

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