Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dartmoor.As threatened yesterday !

We went first to Haytor - the best known of all the tors on Dartmoor, and usually the one with the most people ! Here I managed to catch a rare shot of  it 'empty' - but there were plenty of people out-of-frame !

From Haytor we headed towards Widdecombe, stopping en route for a walk in an unidentified area. I'm sure it has a name but there is none marked on my road map. The fresh air and the views were wonderful -

This is where yesterday's cow was watching us !

Widdecombe church, built with the local granite and such a tall bell tower !

The soil level inside the churchyard wall is much higher than outside ! I took this picture with my camera on top of the wall to include some of the tiny wild flowers in the grass that grows there -
and consequently you can't see where the wall ends and the small drop to the other side begins ! This wall topped just below my shoulder and I'm quite tall ! I love the way the the village and the countryside are all seamless.

Sometimes you find an old Devon longhouse ( with additions) as you drive along. I loved the lines of the roof ridge on thatold part of the house ! A longhouse is one where it 'grew' as needed with another room being  added on the end of the single story dwelling.
We finally ended up in the Barbican in Plymouth ! From the wild places to the heart of the city in an hour ! That's Devon ! The Barbican is the ancient port area of Plymouth and has much history attached !
For our early supper we sat outside at a waterside establishment and had a delicious selection of seafood Tapas - I couldn't spare the time to photograph that - it disappeared too fast !
More about the barbican here -,_Plymouth

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Collette said...

what lovely photos! There are so many of these places I want to visit once the kids are a bit older and less whingy!