Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not such good, good ideas !

Somewhere (I can't for the life of me remember where) I saw a suggestion that masking tape could make good guide lines for quilting. Er,no, not for me ! The tape stuck to everything except the patchwork !
I had broken something  on my presser foot so that the guide wouldn't fit on any more and so I was looking for alternative methods !
The debacle with the masking tape provoked this - blue tack - fine till the light warmed it up ! Then . . . . . . . . droop big time !

So that didn't work - of course, common sense said it would never hold firm, but I had to try ! In the end I was reduced to drawing chalk lines with a very unsatisfactiory dressmaker's pencil - rather stale and too dried up I guess ! Action of some sort will have to be taken ! I feel serious research coming on because I am definitely going to lick this one - I didn't find the quilting guide all that good before I broke it as I still occasionally knocked it out of position.
The final result was far from perfect but will function perfectly well - the discrepancies don't show too badly in the busy pattern so I think I can still use it for a Christmas gift as intended.
The oven gloves and pot holder are for a friend who is a keen cook, the mats (all items with heat resistant wadding) have not yet found their destiny !

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scraphappy said...

I've seen other people use blue painters tape, though I haven't done it myself. I'm fond of Crayola washable markers personally, though you do have to wash the quilt when you are done.