Saturday, 5 November 2011

Brown(ish) ? Maybe - - -

- - -but I've been having fun anyway ! In soscrappy's announcement of this month's colour she did include rust, burnt sienna etc so I'm extended that to include this article- begun during October and neither quite orange, nor quite finished, by the end of the month. So I'm taking artisitic licence and declaring it to be BROWN.

I saw something similar to this on Sheila's( blog and was quite taken with it, making one for myself as an experiment. Having no pattern or instructions this is as close as I could get to the one in the photo. It's made from an 11" square which should give some idea of the scale (if the cutting board doesn't !) Very handy hung by your bed to hold specs, etc for the night - safer than on the night table if, like me, you take a glass of water to bed and then spill it with monotonous frequency ! I cannot sleep if I think I might have to get up to fetch a drink ! Alternatively it could be useful hung close by for small things when hand sewing, or to hold cotton wool balls etc near a dressing table.
I have also been working towards some Christmas gifts and useful little somethings by way of heat proofed table mats, oven gloves and pot holders - here's my latest sample -

Again an experiment with no pattern or instructions but very simple to make. It's a shame that I only noticed the wobble in the red border after  I did all the close stippling - far too late to contemplate correcting anything ! I do like the effect of that tiny stippling on the white tho' - it somehow makes it look more wintry.
These are some of my other projects, all finished now and more have joined them in the 'complete' box.
The photo is from a previous post, but you get the idea !

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