Monday, 28 November 2011

A busy week,

but not much to show for it !
We have been staying with Grandma this week while while my BiL (her full time carer) has been away for some respite and a change of scene. One very old lady (96 yrs) is a full time job, even with some professional help for putting to bed etc. The absence of her usual buddy always disrupts her so we get little sleep, and questions all day long, which makes concentrating on anything impossible !

There's a herring gull that visits regularly, with his mate, to beg for scraps - of which there are usually plenty as Gran's appetitie is very capricious ! He's much the bolder of the pair - he knocks on the window and has been known to come indoors if the door is left open ! I know we're not supposed to feed the gulls but he's really rather endearing and so much food goes to waste  otherwise.

Now I'm home and just about to finish off this quilt -

 It's backing is fleece bought specially for the purpose as it's to be a lap quilt and needs to drape well. I'm quilting it very sparsely, again to make the most of the softness, and trust that it will hold well when washed. It will be retained  'in house' so any problems can be monitored and put right.
Roll on some sewing days and quieter nights !

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