Saturday, 12 November 2011

It'sdefinitely warmer

in Devon ! I saw new lambs (truly !) from the motorway as we came into Devon and then when we took the road over the hill to get to our house the beech trees still had the remains of their beautiful autumn clothes on.

There was mist too, really very low cloud - it's often like that up on top - those hills are fairly high and very atmospheric. The downside of coming here is the damp (it goes with the warmth). It is, as usual, already getting into my hinges ! Ouch. Dryer conditions are my natural habitat !
Next we have to check on Gran tomorrow - I guess everything is OK , but we really notice the small deterioration each time we come - it's very sad to see such a vital person slowly disappearing. She doesn't seem to be too unhappy in herself though thank goodness.
After that - the garden !!!!!! Lots of healthy exercise to be had there !

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Sue Wild said...

That pic of autumnal trees is really brilliant. Have a good time in Devon.