Friday, 11 November 2011

It's THAT time again !

South America - in Milton Keynes ! Yesterday we took ourselves out for a litte spoiling and visited our local Latin food purveyor in Milton Keynes - great atmosphere and the food's very good too ! We each had a burrito - new to us and very tasty. Sadly I didn't think to make a photo before I ate it so you'll just have to imagine somrthing large, hot (in both senses) and very filling ! It was good !

Tomorrow we are moving to Devon again - possibly for a month , probably rather less because we expect to be needed here fairly soon to help with a house move. Our son and his wife are moving from a flat into a house and are going to need someone to mind our lovely 18 month old GS for a day or two. Fun,fun,fun !

CHRISTMAS is coming and I'm never going to be ready in time ! That's the story of my life at Christmas. Every year I say to myself that this year it'll be different !!!!!
Have a great weekend - I shall enjoy mine even if it is tiring !

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