Tuesday, 17 January 2012

At last

some time to myself (apart from the comfy presence of 'himself' of course !)
Anyway, we moved to our Devon address yesterday, to stay a month, and although there will be quite a bit of granny minding to be done I should have considerably more time to sew than of late. Christmas, a bad cold (still coughing !), grandchildren, etc were very time consuming lately !
This last weekend was very busy, with one fanily in particular - Mother and
21month old grandson were off to Hong Kong to visit family, Father was off to LA to work for a week ( a music equipment show and his company are 'showing') and then he's across to HK for a holiday. As they were flying out Sunday evening and Monday am respectively and we were coming here I foolishly said all - the other family as well- could come for Sunday lunch - 8 in total - before taking some to Heathrow. Then packing up and coming 200miles to Devon ( empty fridge, turn off this, lock up that did I leave the keys behind ?? and all that leaving home for a month entails. Will I ever learn ??????
Last night I was very tired -
too tired to deal with this -
so it all spent the night where I dropped it !

In the garden I did find this treasure -
it's so much milder here in Devon than at home in Leighton Buzzard - but much, more humid !

This morning things are looking up - I've started organising stuff ready to begin work - I really need this quilt finished - it's the Mystery quilt that was run by Sheila -http://bluepatchquilter.blogspot.com/
I'm backing it with fleece so it's 2 layers rather than a sandwich - more 'user friendly'. I have decided against borders - a lap quilt, here and NOW is what I really want and this will fit the bill perfectly.
I really think I must start expanding my palette, there are so many glorious colour cmbos out there in the big wild world and I seem to be very 'blue' all the time !

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