Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A (very) little something to blog about ......

And it is a little something -

I took a deep breath and decided to stretch myself a little by joining the Mouthy Stitches pouch swap. The requirements were not too arduous as afr as extras go but - a pouch. with zip (no problem in a garment , but something as tiny as a pouch ?
I therefore decided to practise with a difficult item - namely the little number you see to the right.
I like how the pleats turned out, the boxy bottom was tricky in something this small, but putting that zip in was right B##### !
My biggest mistake was making it deep but not wide enough - I can hardly get my great paw in there, very valuable lesson learned !
I shall NOT be repeating that one, but I do like the effect of those pleats !

Now that I know who my partner is I'm busy contemplating colours and fabrics - I'm off tomorrow to my favourite quilt shop ( there are a few general bits I need !!!!)

I may run amok ! Cross all your fingers for my poor long-suffering bank balance.

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