Sunday, 19 February 2012

All change again !

Friday was moving between houses day again. This time we brought the older grandson with us - 10yrs old - and he behaved like the perfect child all the way on a none too easy journey. The traffic was horrendous for the end of half term and so it took longer than usual to do the 200 mile journey. We stopped for lunch at services on the M5, queues everywhere, but having promised KFC we had to deliver ! Then an hour later an urgent leg stretch was needed. Luckily we were near Bibury so we were able to exercise him a bit there, and admire the beautiful old cottages along Arlington Row. They are old weavers cottages, now owned by the National Trust, and can be rented for holidays I think. The river runs close by the road - it really is a lovely place to visit.

When we got home I found my parcel from Zipit - so much wealth !!!!! I keep having to look - I can't believe they're all mine -

I've also let the green triangles into the box with the red - and battle raged ! Such a fight between the colours - just wait till others join in !

Now - must set to making some labels for projects I hope to complete during the next few days.

Happy sewing.

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Isisjem said...

lovely zips! Makes me want to go and buy more - when's pay day?! ;-)

Love Bibury have often stopped off their for a stroll on the way to Bath