Monday, 5 March 2012


Happiness is RED today.

 As you may have gathered from a previous posting we are staying at my Mum-in-Law's   this week to look after her while her other son is away ( he lives here and is her principal carer). I always find this a daunting prospect because the house is not planned or furnished to accomodate people like me who need a strong table that is not too precious for a sewing machine (my big old black Singer - weighs a ton and shakes any table apart). Finally on Saturday evening I grit my teeth and and decided to acquire yet another - - - -yes, you guessed it - - - - - sewing machine !
I'd seen at John Lewis these 'toy' machines - dead simple - pretty colours - no fancy footwork - but they SEW !
So for £50 I have some bright red happiness - it arrived at 11.30 this morning and does exactly what it says in the blurb - - - and - - - it's bright red !

Isn't that a little darling ? Light as a feather to carry around and perfect for piecing ! Now I shall have to make it a tote all of it's own !


Isisjem said...

How wonderful! Enjoy it!

WandaFish said...

What a cutie! It should make life a little easier and definitely save your back :)

Collette said...

fab colour! I bought a similar one by Janome a sew mini when I decided I wanted to try sewing again, it is a good bit slower than my large machine but it is excellent. Great stitches etc and perfect for my wee girl when she gets old enough to sew! x