Thursday, 22 March 2012

Little necessities

There are lots of reasons why some things are necessary, other things are essential ! The items in the photo above illustrate both - the little ruler is a 'necessity' for paper piecing - I'd been looking all over for one of these nifty little items and finally found it in the least expected place - Hobby Craft - not by any means a patchwork/quilters HQ, but a few interesting items were there, including the 'essentials' - some black and white fat quarters, I don't know what they'll become but - Oh, the possibilities ! Don't forget that I recently received some delicious charms from the Over the Rainbow swap organised by Emily of Strawberry patch blog.
I also acquired something I have felt a genuine need of for some time and that is a diamond shape ruler to cut many sizes - so many lovely things can be made with diamond shapes.
Tomorrow I must set to work on some serious sewing - I tidied up the sewing area a bit this morning and now am ready to assuage my frustration - I've done NO SEWING for 3 whole weeks !!!!!!!!

BTW - the little ruler is called Add-a-Quarter and it helps no end in trimming the seam allowance when paper piecing - there's a ridge 1/4" from the cutting edge to stop the ruler slipping when you hold it tight against the stitching to trim off any surplus fabric.

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