Wednesday, 7 March 2012

(Pink) Nightmare on osnaburg

I must have finally flipped ! Why not ? - it might be fun !
A few days ago I started experimenting with my fabric paints and a scrap of osnaburg - I painted pink and turquiose and then ran the fabric under the tap to remove some paint. Next I scumbled white on top and washed the piece again. Using an Inktense pencil I drew very rough flowers on top and then put the whole thing to dry. It looked awful.
Today I thought - "let's see how much worse it can get" ! I loaded the baby machine with some bright pink (I think) thread that I found in Gran's sewing box and set about testing the new red baby machine. No drop feed, no darning foot, no chance of FMQ - so I FMQ'd spirals and scallops all over the sandwich. Horrid. The drawing made it look REALLY messy - and is washfast ! Nothing for it but to make it even more so - I know - hand sew with floss and make those flowers stand out ! One flower has been stitched - I may or may not go any further. Maybe buttons for the flower centres ? Either way it was a pleasant evening with sweet -- on TV !

I'll let you know if there are any further developments in the pink 'nightmare on osnaburg' story !

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Anne said...

Picasso in thread?? :0)