Monday, 30 April 2012

April can be changeable -

- we've had everything lately, from warm sunny days to a nasty storm vai frosts and hailstones, with floods all over the place and rich chocolate running down the brook in the centre of town. (We're in Dawlish again  - halfway through the 4 weeks we'll spend here).
I managed to finish a baby quilt for a friend before coming down here, the only photo I took of it was so bad I can't post it and now it's wrapped and waiting in Bedfordshire for it's new owner. hey -ho, that's life !
I did achieve a few neutral triangles but did not get them blogged in time to post for last Saturday - my only excuse is that the pup keeps me very occupied !He's growing fast and ever more beautiful  (doting owner that I am !)

He's gone from this (the day we brought him home 12th March)

to this last Friday !                                                                                                                                                                

I have done some sewing - a wild tote for my mini machine - I shall need it soon as I think we may have to mind Gran again soon and I cannot sit around all day without making something !

The whole thing is made from scraps and I piece for the lining that I had hanging  around for some time. I like it  - all sorts of memories in those scraps !

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