Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Collette tagged me !

Collette blogs over at - http://poppyandpoochie.blogspot.co.uk/

Question -  Musicals or plays ? Your favourite ?

Plays - I'm the most totally unmusical person EVER !

Do you have any hidden talents that have not made it into your blog ?
Photography - I love the editing part of digital photography and can 'disappear' for hours inside Photoshop Elements - sadly I can't justify the expense of CS !

This type of thing is a sample of my other time consuming hobby !

Are you a reader ? If so what are you reading right now ?
Oh yes, I have a much loved Kindle which is in costant use ! I tend to dodge about with my reading, I like to read some frivolous Sci Fi, mix it with other fiction and occasional 'heavy' books to pick up and put down - they can take a long time to get through ! I often take free books - as I'm basically lazy I keep a close eye on Bonnie Hunter's blog - , shhttp://quiltville.blogspot.co.uk/ she finds no end of free kindle books - she's one of the most energetic people I've come across in blogland ! I've just finished Into the black by Evan Currie.

What is your favourite time of day ?
Lunch time - I'm ALWAYS hungry!

Do you save the selvedges from fabric ? If so have you ever made anything from them ?
Yes,avidly, and no - but one day ----

   What is your fvaourite quilt that you have mnade ?
Valley of the Kings !

This was taken before quilting and binding - it's backed with fleece at it's owners request. Fleece makes for a much more 'user friendly' lap quilt I find.

What colour comes up most often in your quilts @
Blue - closely followed by green.
Doyou play music while you sew ? What songs get you motivated ?
Absolutely not - music causes problems !

What is the worst injury you have suffered ?
Broken bone in my hand maybe. Or the cracked bone in my wrist before ? The wrist I think !

Do you come from a large or small family ?

Tiny - I'm an only child.

 Have you always lived in your current hometown ? If not how far away do you live from the town where you were born ?
No, I was born in a town about 12 miles from where I live now but have moved about quite a lot - Gloucester, Birmingham, this town, small village, Dublin, this town, Izmir (Turkey), and now here in Leighton Buzzard again. But that's only half the time, for the last 10 years the other half of our time is spent in Dawlish where we have a small house. There's more about all that furhter back in the blog so I'll not bore you with it all over again !

Now - to tag somebody else -


Sorry if you've been tagged before, or don't want to do it - no worries, just forget !

Phew - that was harder than I thought !!! The old brain must be slowing up !
Back to the Grandson and my pup Joey ! 
Have a nice day all.


Anne said...

Hi Suzan,you did well :0). Are you ready for your next challenge? Have just put you in for a Liebster award. Not scary at all - just go to my blog and the explanation is there. No obligation.

Collette said...

Hi Suzan! great answers x